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You've probably heard of SEO and possibly Usability, but what's all this Neuromarketing stuff?

Well, neuroscienctists have been exploring how the mind works for decades now, and they've started revealing the secrets of the brain's deep seated 'buy buttons'. With this information we can market to people on a new level - an unconcious and more satisfying level.  Welcome to neuromarketing.

Neuromarketing & The Unconscious Brain

On a day-to-day basis we're only aware of our conscious thinking (and occasionally our emotions), and although we like to think we're in control, we're not; our brains are. In fact neuroscientists have proved that your unconcious mind knows what you are going to do up to 8 seconds before you do.

"The mind is constantly trying to chunk stuff together to make the complexity of life a little more manageable"
Jonah Lehrer
Author of How We Decide

It's our unconscious brain that decides which websites we visit, what we do while there, and whether we buy or not, so how do we use this information?

We apply what we know about the mind's triggers to our marketing messages.

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